Issue No. 317/318 (Jan/Feb 2017)

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COVER: Trepidation over Trump

Shocks for developing countries from President Trump's first weeks
Donald Trump's first weeks as US President have sent shockwaves around the world, and it is the developing countries that will be most affected.
By Martin Khor

Developing economies and Mr Trump
While Trumpís economic policies are likely to exacerbate instability in the global economy, his foreign policies may well result in more wars being fought on our territories and between our peoples.
By Jayati Ghosh

Trump and national neoliberalism
Trump's ascendance may spell the end of globalism - but not of neoliberalism.
By Sasha Breger Bush

Trump and the WTO
Trump's latest rant against the WTO is bizarre.
By D Ravi Kanth

US' protectionist border adjustment tax plan likely WTO-illegal
Trump's proposed 'border adjustment tax', an integral part of his 'America First' strategy, besides being likely to run afoul of the WTO rules, will hit the exports of developing countries to the US.†
By Martin Khor

It's time to scrap NAFTA, not 'tweak' it
Donald Trump seems to think Mexicans made out like bandits from NAFTA. In reality, workers in all three NAFTA countries have suffered.
By Victor Suarez and Alejandro Villamar

The US military-industrial complex and Trump
The following article was written before the announcement by the new administration of its plan to increase US military expenditure by $54 billion.
By Norman Abjorensen

War is not an option for Korea
Trump's aggressive foreign policy stance is startling particularly with regard to the explosive situation in the Korean peninsula.
By Christine Ahn

The THAAD madness: The US, China and the two Koreas
Assessing the geopolitical implications for war and peace in Northeast Asia of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) antimissile system that the US is seeking to install in South Korea at a time of deep tensions in the region.
By Mel Gurtov

Trump moves to dismantle US climate rules
Trump, a climate change denier, has lost no time in ditching all the measures taken by his predecessor, Barack Obama, to tackle climate change.
By Bobby Magill

Drowning the world in oil
Trumpís election promise to save and revive the ailing coal industry ignores market realities which will arise from the glut of fossil fuels as a consequence of his policy.
By Michael T Klare

Trump's budget assault on the environment packs a wallop
Trump's first budget defunds more than 50 of the US Environmental Protection Agencyís programmes designed to protect the environment and fight climate change.
By Harvey Wasserman



The cost of a polluted environment: 1.7 million child deaths a year, says WHO
Two recent reports issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) have sounded the alarm on the impact of a polluted environment on children.

Proof that the Pharma business model actually wants people sick
The US pharmaceutical industry employs a variety of dirty tactics, including funding 'patient' groups, to keep drug prices, and its profits, high.
By Martha Rosenberg


Looking for hidden black money? London might be the place to start
Black money may be funnelled away in tax havens, but it is all controlled out of London, where Indian and other billionaires are happy to be based.
By Kannan Srinivasan

China confronts challenge of capital flight
China has recently experienced a flight of capital from its shores and the Chinese government has responded with a range of restrictions on foreign exchange outflows.
By CP Chandrasekhar


Crimes of apartheid
A UN report which concluded that Israel was guilty 'beyond a reasonable doubt' of imposing apartheid policies against Palestinians has predictably drawn a furious response from Israel and its supporters.
By Vijay Prashad

US 'has the gall' to ask Cambodia to pay war debt
The US, which invaded Cambodia in May 1970, is now demanding the repayment of its war loan.

Newly declassified CIA memo presents blueprint for Syrian regime collapse
A recently declassified CIA document originating from the 1980s Reagan era explores multiple scenarios for regime change in Syria. The scenarios appear to have prefigured some of the more recent developments in that country.
By Brad Hoff


Housing now valued as a financial commodity, charges UN expert
In highlighting how the process of financialisation has become an impediment to the realisation of the right to adequate housing, the UN Special Rapporteur on this right has in her recent report suggested some remedial measures.
By Kanaga Raja


These women cannot celebrate their day
While 8 March is celebrated as International Women's Day, millions around the world, for one reason or another, cannot call this day their own.
By Baher Kamal


Nepalese women: Symbols of historical achievements and political leadership
Reflecting on the experience of Nepal with regard to the position of women, there is a case for the symbolic promotion of women as this does make a difference.
By Barbara Nimri Aziz


Poetry, fleeing
Linus Suryadi AG (1951-1999), who died tragically at the age of 48, was a promising poet and prose writer. He belonged to a literary generation which made Indonesian regional settings the focus of its writing.
By Dennis Brutus

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