Issue No. 316 (Dec 2016)

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COVER: Marrakech Climate Change Conference: Translating the Paris Agreement into action

Climate change: The battle of interpretations at Marrakech
Efforts to move ahead with a work programme to implement the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change were dogged by a conflict between developing and developed countries on the interpretation of its provisions.
By Meena Raman

UN climate talks end with call to Trump to face up to climate change
Fiji, whose very existence is threatened by climate change, called on incoming US President Donald Trump to face up to his country's major responsibility for the global climate crisis.
By Hilary Chiew

Climate talks close with developing countries calling for strong pre-2020 action
The developed countries tend to focus the action to be taken on climate change almost exclusively on the period after 2020 and ignore their commitment with regard to the period prior to this date.
By T Ajit

Developing nations seek acceleration of climate action
Developing countries cannot accelerate climate action without the provision of scaled-up financial resources and technology by the rich countries.

First meeting of Paris Agreement signatories ends in controversy
At Marrakech, differences among the Parties to the Paris Agreement over some issues could not be resolved and will have to be taken up at the 2017 climate conference in Bonn.
By Meena Raman

After protracted negotiations, a key decision on long-term finance
Once again, finance proved to be a thorny issue and a vital decision on long-term finance was taken only after some difficult negotiations.
By T Ajit and Meena Raman

Paris Agreement body agrees on draft work plan for 2017
The following article reports on the debate and adoption of the draft conclusions of the ad hoc working group tasked with outlining the work to be done in 2017 to implement the Paris treaty.
By T Ajit and Meena Raman

Divergences arise over understanding of Paris Agreement
More than anything, it was discord over what had been agreed at Paris that stood in the way of a full consensus at Marrakech.
By Meena Raman

High-level call to fulfil $100-billion-a-year promise for climate actions
The need for developed-country Parties to fulfil the provision of $100 billion annually by 2020 was stressed at the opening of the traditional high-level segment of the Marrakech climate talks.
By Hilary Chiew and Zhenyan Zhu

Facilitative dialogue on enhancing ambition and support provides key findings
The Marrakech conference organised two sessions 'to conduct a facilitative dialogue' to assess the implementation of certain provisions of the Paris Agreement, including the provision of financial resources.
By Zhenyan Zhu

Science and equity demand urgent action on climate now, say developing countries
In the interests of climate justice, developed countries should honour their pre-2020 commitments to avert the impending disaster facing the vulnerable poor countries.
By Zhenyan Zhu

Marrakech proclamation affirms continuing fight against climate change and for sustainable development
The Marrakech conference issued a call for action affirming a continuing commitment to the battle against climate change and for sustainable development.
By Hilary Chiew


'Brump' heightens uncertainty in global economy
The new political risks and uncertainty emanating from the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom and the unexpected victory of Donald Trump in the US may prove to be the catalyst for a new bout of economic instability.
By Kavaljit Singh


The US and UN Security Council Resolution 2334
The provision for regular three-monthly reports by the UN Secretary-General on progress in implementing the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2334 condemning Israeli settlement expansion will ensure that the whole issue is kept alive internationally.
By Richard Falk

The degradation of state institutions and rule of law in Brazil
Brazil has been floundering in a political, legal, social and economic morass since the removal of President Dilma Rousseff.
By Mark Weisbrot

Why Oscar López-Rivera deserves freedom
Puerto Rican independence fighter Oscar López-Rivera’s impending release (after 35 years' incarceration) following then-President Barack Obama's decision to commute his sentence has thrown the spotlight on the forgotten case of America's oldest colony.
By Pedro Reina-Pérez


Children starve as US-backed coalition violates human rights in Yemen
Children have been the main victims of a Western-backed war and blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia on Yemen.
By Carly A Krakow


Women activists help villagers adapt to drought in Northeast Brazil
A group of feminists has been helping the impoverished people of Northeast Brazil cope with a drought which has been plaguing the region since 2012.
By Mario Osava


Utopia - 500 years on
Reflecting on Thomas More's classic work on the occasion of its 500th anniversary, the writer contends that it is 'full of troubling and incendiary ideas' that are as relevant as ever.
By Jeremy Seabrook


Guadeloupe, W.I.
While acclaimed as Cuba's poet laureate, as one of the foremost exponents of 'black poetry' Nicolás Guillén (1902-1989)’s cultural horizons extended beyond the frontiers of his native land.
By Nicolás Guillén

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