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25 July 2018
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Sanofi quits R & D on anti-infectives despite industry AMR Declaration commitments

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In late June, the French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi announced that it was shedding off its anti-infectives Research and Development (R&D) unit.

React News, which carried the story, said: ‘This is surprising as Sanofi was a leading partner of the AMR Industry Alliance and raises questions on the level of commitments made.’

Under an agreement with the German biotech company Evotec, Sanofi will license more than ten anti-infectives and transfer its infectious diseases R&D unit to the former. Evotec will take on some 100 staff members and receive a one-time, upfront payment of 60 million euros from Sanofi.

According to React News, ‘the outsourcing of an entire R&D unit is an example of how big R&D pharmaceutical companies are stepping away from being involved in the actual research and development of new antibiotics’.

It added that ‘for policy makers, this recent announcement should cause pause for thought in the broader incentives debate which has disproportionately focused on developing big Market Entry Rewards for big pharmaceutical companies. Any public investments that are mobilized to support antibiotic R&D should be targeted toward actors that are actually involved in Research & Development activities …’

Please click on here to read the full article dated 27 June 2018.

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